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pics of dave and shelly’s new house

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

just thought i’d post a few pics of the place now that most of the house is in order. about the only thing left is hanging artwork, but all the furniture etc is in place.




Dave and Shelly are in their new place

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Well we got moved last saturday and I wanted to post some pics from the move.

This is the van we rented


We had help from two of the brothers from our worship team: Charles Paul and Norm Wheeldon. I’m holding the dolly with the fridge, Charles is outside on the left, and Norm… you can’t see too well except the top of his head, because it outside trying to lift it up and over the sill.


This is the front room of the new place stuffed with boxes against the wall


and this is my studio sort of set up… though I have alot I still need to do.


All in all the move went fairly smooth, we started around 8 and were done unloading the van by 2. I still had to go back and get a few more things but by 4 we had pretty much everything in.

We spent till about 8 that night unpacking and setting things up, then showered, went out to get some dinner and came back exhausted. Sunday we walked to church, came home and set up some more, then took a break to go play soccer. When we came home we finished most of the boxes. As I write this on monday morning, we have only a few boxes left to unpack, some things that we need to sell/get rid of but had to take here with us, and pictures to hang. All said: it was pretty smooth and we are thankful to the Lord that he protected us, smoothed out the difficulties and gave us a nice new place closer to church and shelly’s work. It was nice to get a chance to weed out some things we don’t need before we go to Italy.

the move is on

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

well, shelly and I found a place… it’s less than 700 meters [.4 miles] from our front door to the church. I walked the other day, and I don’t think it took me more than 10 minutes. It will be only 1.2 Km [3/4 miles] to the church office where I need to have meetings on mondays, so it will be extremely convenient for church business. It’s only 30 Km [almost 19 miles] from shelly’s work at 3M Monrovia, which is a bit better than the almost 42 Km [26 miles] she is going now.

BUT……. she will be able to completely bypass the 5 freeway which will save her almost 50% of the time it takes to get home. So all in all, we feel like this is the right step. The managers are REALLY nice people and we hit it off with them right away.

I’ll get some pictures for you all in a few weeks when we move. Move in date is Saturday 2 August.

Moving from OC

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

OK, Shelly and I have decided it’s about time to move on from Fullerton where we have been for nearly 15 years. We had initially chosen this area because the boys were going to school and we didn’t want to disrupt that anymore than we had to. So despite three different locations, they have all been fairly near to each other.

But… with shelly’s job being in Monrovia, which is about 25 miles/40Km away, and the gas prices having gone into orbit, we’ve decided to try and find a place on the northwest side of the church in La Mirada around the whittier area. That would put her 13-14 miles/20Km from work, which means less time spent on the road, less gas, etc.

For another big change, I would move my studio from Buena Park where it has always been and into a second bedroom. The boys would then move into the studio [which is a back house on my parents property] and have a good starter rent + be there to help my parents whenever they need something. So rather than leaving the house and going to the studio, I’d be literally working out of the new apartment.

We are looking for a decent sized apartment with 2 decent sized bedrooms, hopefully at least one and a half baths, and … here goes … laundry hookups. We would like to avoid doing the laundry out, but that may be a pipe dream. Overall, it seems like we can save a fair amount of money on the deal per month and hopefully that will work towards accomplishing the move to Italy by helping us pay the lawyers etc.

And for further news, I have picked up another 2 projects so work is finally starting to slowly come in. Thanks to God.