the move is on

well, shelly and I found a place… it’s less than 700 meters [.4 miles] from our front door to the church. I walked the other day, and I don’t think it took me more than 10 minutes. It will be only 1.2 Km [3/4 miles] to the church office where I need to have meetings on mondays, so it will be extremely convenient for church business. It’s only 30 Km [almost 19 miles] from shelly’s work at 3M Monrovia, which is a bit better than the almost 42 Km [26 miles] she is going now.

BUT……. she will be able to completely bypass the 5 freeway which will save her almost 50% of the time it takes to get home. So all in all, we feel like this is the right step. The managers are REALLY nice people and we hit it off with them right away.

I’ll get some pictures for you all in a few weeks when we move. Move in date is Saturday 2 August.

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