Moving from OC

OK, Shelly and I have decided it’s about time to move on from Fullerton where we have been for nearly 15 years. We had initially chosen this area because the boys were going to school and we didn’t want to disrupt that anymore than we had to. So despite three different locations, they have all been fairly near to each other.

But… with shelly’s job being in Monrovia, which is about 25 miles/40Km away, and the gas prices having gone into orbit, we’ve decided to try and find a place on the northwest side of the church in La Mirada around the whittier area. That would put her 13-14 miles/20Km from work, which means less time spent on the road, less gas, etc.

For another big change, I would move my studio from Buena Park where it has always been and into a second bedroom. The boys would then move into the studio [which is a back house on my parents property] and have a good starter rent + be there to help my parents whenever they need something. So rather than leaving the house and going to the studio, I’d be literally working out of the new apartment.

We are looking for a decent sized apartment with 2 decent sized bedrooms, hopefully at least one and a half baths, and … here goes … laundry hookups. We would like to avoid doing the laundry out, but that may be a pipe dream. Overall, it seems like we can save a fair amount of money on the deal per month and hopefully that will work towards accomplishing the move to Italy by helping us pay the lawyers etc.

And for further news, I have picked up another 2 projects so work is finally starting to slowly come in. Thanks to God.


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