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citizenship docs are in!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

well, I talked to the lady in probate yesterday and they still had not received any word. I asked about my adoptive father being able to get the docs and she said he would. So Shelly took the day off of work, we went and picked up my dad and hauled him down to probate court this morning. They gave him the documents with no hassles whatsoever. So I dropped Dad back off and then drove to the State Department building in downtown LA to get apostilles on 16 documents. 2 hours and $400 dollars later, everything was in hand. So I attached the translations to the docs while shelly drove and we made our way over to the westside: Wilshire just west of the 405 and submitted the docs to the lawyer. He meets with the Consulate on Friday and we hope all goes well. As of now though, my part is done. If all goes well, hopefully I will be an Italian citizen within a few months.

adoption docs update

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Still waiting on these to come in, so I called this morning to check on the status and was told they still haven’t come back from the judge despite being on his desk since 2 November…. This has taken far longer than last time…..

I checked on the same request I had to do three years ago and the stamps say it was received September 12 06 and was signed and processed by Oct 3 06: basically three weeks. It took them three weeks this time just to get the request on to the judges desk and the judge has been sitting on it for 5 weeks today.

I am supposed to call back later today and the lady is going to find out what is happening, but I hold very little hope they will actually get me the documents in time.