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update on citizenship wait

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

well, had to laugh a little at the situation… I handed the documents to the lawyer and he sent them in on Dec. 8th. When my mom when through this process, it took 3 months to the day to get word back from Italy that she had been confirmed. So I was expecting something around mid march, more or less, giving some time added for┬áChristmas┬ábreak. When I didn’t hear anything through march or the first week of April, I decided to email the lawyer and find out how things were going. Turns out he had just gone to the Consulate and asked about the status, only to find out that they had been missing some piece of paperwork and never sent the docs to Italy. So all this time I’ve been waiting, and by now starting to think maybe I had been rejected, turns out to be nothing. I’ll let this be a lesson on how things work.