Women-to-Women Meeting

post by Shelly

Kristi is putting together the April Women-to-Women meeting we will be having at CCLM. She asked if I could do worship. I find it difficult to lead worship on my own because of the fact that I do not play an instrument. I did lead one other time for Women-to-Women, but found it a little daunting.

Anyway, I was talking to Kristi about it and stating that I wanted to have someone sing with me, but I wasn’t sure who I should ask. The biggest problem for me is that most of the women I know that attend the Women-to-Women meetings and have helped with worship (at least those still at CCLM) are lower voices – like me. I felt that I needed to find someone with a strong voice that could sing soprano while I sing the harmony that I have gotten used to. I thought of Dana Force who is new to our church but has been in worship at other churches. So in my brainstorming with Kristi, I mentioned Dana but wasn’t sure if I should ask. Kristi said she’d pray that Dana would come up to me and talk to me which would give me the opening to ask about Women-to-Women.

Well, the next evening at church Dana and I started talking. I asked about the Women-to-Women and she said she’d pray about it. But she also mentioned that she plays keyboards a little bit – enough to get us singing on the right key and offering a simple instrumental backing. I was excited, so I prayed and waited for her to get back to me. The next week Dana said that she would help. So now comes the hard part of choosing songs, getting together and practicing – when we both have such limited schedules.

But I’m excited about the fact that God answered Kristi’s prayer and brought Dana into my path so I could talk to her – and so quickly, too. Now, keep both Dana and I in prayer that we can lead worship and it will be a time where the women can worship with us and God can enjoy it.

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