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posted by Shelly

Well, today was a little shocking for me. I was informed that my manager has taken another position within Unitek. I had been relying on this manager to be able to pull the strings to get me a position within 3M Unitek in Italy because he relocated from England to the U.S. – so I thought that he would understand the process and be able to complete the transfer. Since he is no longer my manager, he will not have the same influence that he did; although, when I talked to him after the announcement, he indicated that it was all in the hands of his manager – who is located in St. Paul.

I also talked to the new IT Manager since she had been made aware of my desire to move to Italy. I have worked for her in the past, so I felt comfortable talking to her. She stated she will talk to the manager in St. Paul and see what is happening.

Something that I learned today – put your trust in God and not people. I had thought that God was going to use my old manager to pull the strings – so all my hope had been placed in this man and not God. I didn’t even realize how much trust I was placing in man – until the announcement was made and I became really depressed thinking that all is lost. But, while holding back tears, I started thinking and praying and realizing that I need to trust God.

It is going to be a difficult proposition to have my company transfer me to Italy because I don’t speak the language (yet) and the center of business in Europe is in Germany and not Italy. So to get approval to be located in Italy will be a miracle – even though there is a large 3M facility in Milan. I may actually need to apply to a position within 3M Italy rather than transfer my existing job (which is what I want to do) – but, since I don’t speak the language, it will be difficult to get an approval on any position. Continue to pray for my job transfer.

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