Pray for money…..

Posted by Dave
As a freelance artist, It happens every once in a while that I get stretched pretty bad, especially when working on larger projects. I will spend a month doing the work, wait another month or two to get paid, and in the meantime, go nuts, er…… I mean trust God faithfully, that the nightmare will be over quickly. Well, now is one of those times. Given that taxes are coming up, as well as a trip to Italy, this is a……. uh… “less than ideal” time to poor. [As if there is ever a good time to be poor!]
At any rate, pray for money.
I mean for me.            
I know I am ; )

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  1. Hey Dave! Yes, I will definitely pray for your financial situations. That’s always a universal theme that hits most people. I’m so glad we have the Lord as our loan officer. ^_^ Thanx also for your support re: my career change. Yeah it’s quite earth-shattering for me.

    Then again, Andy might say I’m being overly-dramatic. ^_^ I pray that you & Shelly are well & that progress is being made towards Italy; slowly but surely. Let us know if we can help!!! How’re your boys/young men? It’s hard to believe that they’re already so OLD!!! ^_^

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