Another piece of the puzzle

Posted by Dave 

Mom called yesterday and said that my Grandfathers death certificate arrived. It took roughly 2 and a half months for it to get here. I haven’t seen it yet, so who knows what surprises await me. 

The mystery of my grandfathers actual birthdate is deepening. The Birth cert from Italy said 4 November, but everything here says 13 November. My mom found a couple of old papers, including his original passport when he came over from Italy, that said his birthday was 4 November. She remembers him being unsure as to whether it was the 4th or the 13th. He apparently chose the 13th to remember it, because once here, that is what he gave as his birthday. 

My next move is to go back to the consulate with a complete list of discrepancies and get the consulate officers opinion as to what needs to be amended. If they want it changed, then I’ll go through the trouble, but if they are OK with it, then all the better. 

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