Original Birth Certificate

Right now I am waiting on word from the Superior court if they will accept my petition for a certified copy of the original birth certificate. This is a month’s long process, but they should be close to getting the thing from Sacramento, and once that happens, then the judge looks at my case and decides. Based on the fact that I already know everything I need to about my birth family, and there is nothing to hide anymore, no privacy that needs to be maintained, AND I have shown need for a certified copy of the original, I think I should get it. But again one never knows. 

Please pray that this judge, who doesn’t know me or my situation and who won’t hear from me personally, will look with favor on my request and grant it. 


Obtaining this is really just one step in collecting all the documents needed for the trail from the Italian citizen Andrea Anselmo, to this guy named Dave Walston. 

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