Michigan Birth Certificate Changes

Also have several documents going back to my mother’s home state of Michigan. She needs to have here birth cert amended to change some of the names. They misspelled my grandmother’s maiden name, the anglicized my grandfather’s name, and they left off mom’s middle name. I don’t know if these things will be changed or not, since it is difficult to do this, but again it would make the process easier, but allowing the Consulate here to see a continuity in the names through all the documents. They seem to be aware that foreign names were often Americanized in the early part of the century and will sometimes let it slide. My grandmother, born Giovanna, morphed into Jennie, and then later on to Joanne. Andrea changed to Andrew then Henry. Anna became Anita and so on. Hopefully these things will not hinder too much if Michigan will not change them, but it would be easier if they would. 

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