Citizenship Process

The means is called “jure sanguinis” meaning blood right. Because Italian law is that if you are born to at least one Italian citizen, then citizenship passes to the child as well. And my grandfather did not become a naturalized until after my mom was born. That means that mom is an Italian citizen, even if Italy doesn’t know it yet. Likewise it was transferred to me at birth…. even if Italy doesn’t know it yet. The procedure is relatively straightforward then- document the trail from Italy to you through birth and marriage certificates. The hitch in my case is that I was adopted OUT of the Italian family and that I now have a different legal name. So I need to get access to my original birth certificate showing my birth mother and the link to me, I need to get the adoption decree and the certificate of adoption. 

And then I have to hope that the Italian consulate here in LA accepts the extra step and doesn’t exclude me legally from any claim to the original Italian family. Since citizenship is conferred legally at birth, I don’t think I should have a problem, but you never know. 

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