been a while since the last update, so…..

I figured I had better get in here and write something.

The fact of the matter is that right now, there is not much happening that I can report on. I am waiting on citizenship documents from the state, but even with the application, I have nearly everything I need and still the appointment with the consulate is not until march 2008. Even then, it could be months or years before I find out if my application has been accepted and my citizenship recognized. So not much happening on that front.

Ronnie, Kristi, Shelly and I have been busy trying to get back into ministry and the daily routines of life here. Keep Kristi in prayer, given that she is having health problems right now. I won’t go into anymore detail than that.

The other thing that is REALLY on my heart is bit involved to explain, but I’ll share it and ask your prayers too. Shell and I are planning on getting citizenship, working and supporting ourselves to live in Italy. Ronnie and Kristi do not have that option, so they will need to get Visas. The problem is that none of the Visas are really available right now. We just don’t meet the criteria necessary to qualify. We were hoping for a missionary visa, and that might still happen but……. that means that an agency from Italy must invite Ronnie over, he must raise the support and our church must pledge to support him.

My own sense and desire is to somehow avoid having to raise support from people here. That means he will need to work. But work visas require an Italian company to want to hire him, then be willing to go through the process of obtaining a visa in order to bring him over. Not likely at the present time since he doesn’t work for any companies that have italian offices, doesn’t speak italian, and has no connections for such a thing to even happen. I don’t know how this will work, but I think if we can avoid having to raise support and be able to support ourselves, then we are able to function better there. We also have the advantage of co-workers and people that we interact with on an everyday basis that we can begin to minister to.

But if it was going to take God opening doors before, this will really take a miracle. If it really is God’s will, pray he will make a way for that to happen.


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