A few more details taken care of

Posted by Dave 

Yesterday, Shelly and I took off from work to do worship at a funeral. 

Before the funeral at 10, we went over to the LA county Vital records office in Norwalk and got the boys birth certs. After the funeral, I went down to the Probate Court with my [adoptive] dad and got the relinquishment papers certified. I’m still waiting to receive [biological] mom’s birth cert back with the apostille, and I’m now waiting for my original birth cert, but all has been cleared and it should just be a matter of time. 

I will go to the consulate next week and bring the list of discrepancies that I found and get their opinion as to whether I need to get anything amended or not. I will also find out what specifically needs to have the apostille, which is an international certification, and be translated. I have a feeling that 3-4 of the documents I was planning on having translated and apostilled will not need them. That should save me about 100-150 bucks on what is turning out to be a somewhat expensive process. 

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