Citizenship Update: Adoption Docs… again….

I needed to get all the adoption docs certified and an apostille on each one and then get them translated and sent back to the lawyer. Since I had to petition an Orange County Superior court judge to have access to the adoption docs a few years ago, but didn’t get all the docs certified, I was hoping to have the remaining docs certified over the counter by simply bringing them back in.

Doesn’t work that way apparently, so I will need to again request access to the folder and have them certified and then sent to the house. I’m asking for EVERYthing in the folder to be certified this time…. at least it doesn’t cost anything…. so that whatever they might need in relation to that folder will covered.

I sent them in 2009 Oct 08, and will be expecting them back somewhere around the end of this month or the first week of November.

In the meantime, I’ll have to get the copies I have right now translated into Italian, and THEN haul them all to the State Dept and have them apostilled for 26 USD per doc. Just waiting on the lawyer for confirmation of which docs he will need because I’d rather not pay the translation and apostille fees for the docs he doesn’t. That could run the cost up pretty high.

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