where do we go from here?……

well, there will be some period of waiting before much gets done … probably a couple of years for the entire process of getting italian citizenship. What happens now is that I wait for a few months before moms notice of citizenship is official. Once that is done, I will need to contact a lawyer that the Consulate suggested and proceed with a court petition to get my adoption recognized. Even though I will be paying for it, it will need to happen in moms name, so her citizenship being completed¬†is necessary. So … probably another couple of months without too much word. In the meantime, I thought I’d post a few pics from the last time we were down in San Diego, and you can see Shelly and I with my mom and my nonna.



And …… on a further note, since this next step will be expensive …¬† and even more so with the dollar plummeting against the euro … I could use some prayer for more work. My work has dried up over the last few months leaving us in a pretty scarce situation. There is simply no extra money right now and especially not for expensive court cases.

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