current status of the citizenship drive

OK. the lawyer says that I need to 1) get my mom registered as an Italian citizen. 2) petition the courts in Italy to have the adoption recognized. The current status is that it would take about a year after mom’s citizenship is granted to get the second stage done. Perhaps more, perhaps less depending on the strength of the evidence. That part is better than I was told, since last I had heard, 10 years was the length of time being talked about.

The cost will be from €3000 to €5000 …..or $4500 to $7000… depending on how many hearings it takes. There is a slight possibility they may supeona mom to appear and testify. Her appearing in Italy before the court will not happen. They may allow the consulate in LA to act as the court if she can get to LA, but even that is sketchy as long as my nonna is still alive and in such dire health.

At this point, it is more money than I would prefer to spend, but not impossible either. My mind is pretty much to go ahead and keep trying. So the next steps are to have the documents I need for moms citizenship application translated into Italian. And then to send that in and get her citizenship. Then we wait until that is cleared and start step 2.


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