ciao from milano

OK, I’m in my hotel room right now, I paid the 9 euros to have internet access for 24 hours and thought I’d write an update. The weather has been fantastic here for most of the trip. We got heavy rain for the first two days, some on and off rain for a few days after that, and since then, it has been nice. It is actually starting to get pretty hot now. We met with the pastors from Montebelluna and from Treviso last Sunday and were encouraged. We also met some other americans living here while we were in the grocery store that were christians and they encouraged us as well.

We had our first milano church service from our hotel room this morning, but we are looking forward to seeing the real thing happen. After some initial rough patches, it seems like everything is coming together. God has definately blessed our stay and our path.

Anyway, we head back tomorrow, and should be back in town around 5ish. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. God bless.

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