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Back from the consulate where I was told my adoption would indeed be a problem. Not insuperable, but definitely a problem. The lady told me I would need to file a petition to Rome to have them recognize my adoption, then I could proceed with the citizenship. But the courts in Rome are backlogged and it could take them 3-5 years to recognize the adoption. 

I was also told that shelly would have to wait 3 years after I get my citizenship before she could apply for hers. 

All this means possibly 10 years before we can get to Italy. I need to do some research on the subject and get some informed opinions. It does not seem right that I need to go through a court process for Italy to recognize papers that the US recognizes. I have the adoption papers, so why wouldn’t Italy recognize them? They don’t need a court process to recognize US birth certificates or marriage certificates; they just want them translated with an apostille. So why do we need a court petition to recognize an adoption? 

Anyway, my complaining or questioning doesn’t actually change anything, so the best thing to do is get information and then go from there. 

Pray for us in this new capacity. 

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