Shelly’s Job transfer update

Posted by Dave 

Talking with Shelly the other day, and she mentioned that her new boss has given her the go-ahead to talk to the people in Milan about getting a job there. What this looks like is that she will not actually be getting a job transfer at all. She is simply free to quit and find another job…….. 

It’s a little better than that since she knows some of the people in Milan, but she has of course been free to do this the whole time. Apparently, then we will get no help from 3M in moving the job over. 

This could be good…. Or more difficult….. things have definitely shifted. They are not necessarily worse or better, just different. That is always a bit scary, but in reality the whole move would be a bit scary anyways, so this is just another reason to trust the Lord. 

When we go to Italy in about a month and a half, Shelly has arranged to meet with the people at 3M. She had hoped originally that she could broach the subject and that 3M here would be helping her. Now she will have to simply ask if they would be willing to hire her. The good is that they know her work and her record with 3M AND she will have Italian citizenship. The bad is that she doesn’t speak Italian. While many of them are good in English, you can’t escape the fact that living and working in Italy means needing to speak at least passable Italian. 

This is a HUGE part of our going to Italy. The 2 things I feel like I really need are the citizenship and steady work. I am asking the Lord to really open or close doors, and if these things start to close off, I will need to seriously consider whether doors are being shut to us going there. If it turns out that she CAN’T get work with 3M Italy, it is not necessarily the end of the road for us, but I would need to be in serious prayer as to whether we are really called or if we need to press on in an ever greater measure of faith. 

So we are asking for prayer for that meeting: that she would again find favor with the people in charge and that they would be open to hiring her. 

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