The dollar and the euro…..

Posted by Dave 

The dollar has been on a slow slide for a while now. When Shell and I went to Italy last summer, the euro was worth $1.23. Now it is worth $1.31. Every month the dollar is worth a few pennies less in Europe. So what? 

For Ronnie and Kristi trying to raise support, and for me, having most of my work based here, that can be bad news. IF I continue to draw most of my income from the US while trying to live in Italy, it means my money is buying less and less every year. Add to that the high taxes in Italy and my income may be significantly diminished. Ronnie’s support that he needs to raise gets harder and harder. For example he may need $3000 per month to live there now. But in 2 years that will not be enough anymore. He may need $3100-$3200 per month just to account for the diminishing dollar. 

Not to say this is something to panic about, it’s not. I don’t think God is calling us to go and forgetting about how He will support us. But these are concerns to us. 

Fortunately, if Shelly’s job is transferred, then she will be paid directly in euros, which will help us. I too would like to revamp my website in the near future and do an Italian version as well. Not sure how it will happen, but I would like to open up my skill set to Italian companies too. I have never marketed myself or my work. Well, that’s not totally true; I tried it a few times but bombed. The Lord has always brought clients for my work without me ever really doing much other than being faithful to render the work. I’m praying that he will continue to open those doors, but in Italy as well. I am doing work for a company in Hong Kong right now. I do work for companies in New York and Ohio and the Bay Area, so working from distance is not a difficulty. Finding clients is. This is a funny business in that it is so highly personal. Art directors get to know you and will continue to give you work, but it is VERY difficult to approach people you don’t know. They usually already have a list of trusted illustrators that they use, and giving you work takes away from those they already know. Italy may be even more so since this is a way of life in Italy. On the surface of it, it would be highly unlikely that an Italian company would hire an American artist, but……. all things are possible with the Lord. So I pray and ask that the Lord would open up these opportunities. 

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