new copy of birth cert

I also decided a few weeks back that since my copy of my amended birth cert is now 20 years old, it MAY be time to get a newer one. I called the secretary of state’s office to see if they would put an apostille on it, and they said they would, but still….. seemed like a good idea to get a newer one. So I went to Norwalk to get a copy.

I was really impressed with the new computerized system… you swipe your drivers license and it picks up who you are, where you live, and sets you up to get your printed copy just like that. then…… it asks if you happen to be adopted……

why yes! I DO happen to have been adopted. no good it says, go to the information desk.

so I go to the information desk where I am told I’ll need to order one from Sacramento. Disappointed but undeterred, I go back home, go online and print out the form. I need to have it notarized so they know it is ME requesting the doc, so I go to the UPS store, present the ID and have the form notarized. put all the money in and send it off. Decided to check online how long the average wait is: 18 WEEKs!!!!

Guess I won’t be getting this anytime soon……

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