Citizenship Update

The lawyers have determined that while they can file for a cause of action concerning my link to my birth mom, since it concerns me obtaining foreign citizenship, they may not want to hear it. So they want to do this in Italy instead. However, since the adoption process severs all ties between birth parents and the child, it may be an insuperable obstacle to linking us. I gave the OK for the lawyers there to look into the possibilites, but it may be closed to me. If so, I’ll basically be cut off from citizenship jure sanguinis. I could always move to Italy, live there the requisite amount of years legally and then apply for citizenship, but since getting there legally¬†would be nearly impossible, I’m pretty certain that this would be the end of my hope to go and live there.

There are always going to be ways we can attempt to go around this, but I’ll have to leave that to the Lord and prayer. I don’t want to waste time trying to kick down doors the Lord has closed. So we’ll have to see what is happening with this case in the next few months.


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