And prayer for Dave too….

I just went through a hernia surgery a few weeks ago, everything is basically normal except for a little fluid that is remaining and causing swelling to stay. Pray that it would go down.

Also I found out that a soccer injury I sustained last october was much more serious than I thought, and rather than a ligament being stretched, it actually tore a chunk of my pelvis off. I’m starting some physical therapy to see if i can get back to playing sports, but if that doesn’t work than my soccer career [if one could call it that  ; ) ] is basically over. Fortunately the injury doesn’t really stop me from doing anything except sprinting, so if the Lord needed to get me to stop playing, then this was as a gracious a way to do it as i could possibly imagine. But until I know it’s Gods will for me to stop, I’d like to keep playing. So just pray it gets better. Thanks


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